Personal Travel

A revival of an old 'Webspan' page, where various trips, excursions, and even a few dive reports have been generated.

It was revived (April 2008) due to a class-action lawsuit against some credit card companies for foreign transaction fees. One of the methods of filing a claim required counting the number of days spent outside of the USA between 1996 and 2006. Not counting a trip in Dec 2006 that was outside their date window, our sum came to 295 days. This didn't include overseas business travel, of which there were at least nine trips I can recall offhand, which would have added roughly another 50 days.

August 2015 notes for myself:
(xx) - need to add durations for any future references
Post-2003 trips probably don't include all domestic
Earlier family flights to Destin, FL not noted


(Aug 2016) so then, just what's been updated?

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