Some cherrypicked images…in no particular order


Hawksbill turtle


The 356 Russian Destroyer wreck, Cayman Brac:


"Wing of Bat, Eye of Grouper..."


(Politically incorrect today), a harassed pufferfish:


Columbia Glacier, Prince William Sound, AK:


A pair of humpback whales:


During the eye of Hurricane Lily, October 3, 2002 (Cayman Brac):


(Mad King Ludwig’s) Neuschwanstein Castle:


A monument in Kaub (along the Rhine) to the architect of the events of News Year Eve, 1813:


Overlooking the Neckar  river from the Heidelberg Fortress:


Set back from the Mosel River in a side valley:







A famous Oops:




Inca Stonework:


A most famous altar:


Yes, it is an airport:


Treebeard and friends:


I thought they couldn’t climb trees:


Hard to make out, but proof that plate armor isn’t very good against cannonballs:


Why we put up bird feeders: